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Call Us 1-770-726-3911
Contact Us:
Call Us 1-770-726-3911
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Kindly read the following before making a reservation.

We value your time and are thrilled to have you as our client. In order to keep your appointment running on time and without unnecessary delays, we have implemented a few simple rules:

Late Arrival Policy:

Arrivals more than 10 minutes late will be considered a No Show. While it may be possible to adjust or reduce your scheduled service(s) you could be asked to reschedule most or part of your appointment. To best accommodate you, please call in advance to let us know you are running late. As a courtesy, you will receive a reconfirmation call or text the day before your appointment. If you anticipate a scheduling conflict or need to make any changes, we ask you do so at that time. 

Clients with 3 or more No Shows in a 6-month period will no longer be eligible to book appointments online. Walk-ins will still be honored but appointments made by phone will incur a prepayment requirement.

How do I prevent being considered a No Show?

  1. Show up to your appointment and/or arrive no later than 10 minutes past your scheduled time. 
  2. Cancel appointments a minimum of 3 hours prior to your scheduled time.

Please click here, to print the Consent Form that can be pre-filled and submitted upon arrival.